12. Oktober 2020, 14:30 – 16:15

Post Corona perspectives on the interdependence of humans, animals and nature


„One health“ – the belief that on earth, human, animal and environmental health are intertwined – has been brought into the focus of many due to the appearance of the new coronavirus. We are inviting speakers with a religious back-ground, as well as members of civil society organizations from Germany and from China to share their perspectives on this topic. How has the pandemic led to a rethinking of values? How does this impact our behaviour? Join us in a discussion on this during our webinar.


2.30 pm – Welcome address

2.40 pm – Keynote
New Global Ethical Priorities in Times of COVID19 –
Answering the Challenges of an Interconnected Mega-Crisis for Health, Climate and Food – 14 Theses

Dr. Dietrich Werner (Bread for the World)

3.00 pm – Webinar inputs
Perspectives on „One Health“

Prof. Dr. He Guanghu (Renmin University)
Wen Bo (National Geographic Air and Water Conservation Fund in China)
Yan Zhihui (YMCA Shanghai)


A joint event organized by Mission Academy in Hamburg, the China-Program of Stiftung Asien-haus and the China Info Desk.